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The Association is governed by a Board of Directors which consists of the officers of the Association, elected district directors representing each of the five regional districts, and the standing committee chairs.  All of the officers, district directors, and committee members are retired educators who volunteer their services.  The Bylaws provide for the following officers who serve for two-year terms:  President, Secretary, Treasurer, President Elect, and Past President.

The Association has the following standing committees:  Bylaws, Community Services and Health Issues, Convention, Legislative, Member Benefits, Membership Marketing, Nominating, and Public Education Outreach.  Ad Hoc Committees may be created by the Board for specific issues.

WREA holds a state convention with a variety of speakers, training, and informational sessions and the annual business meeting of the Association in which the election of officers occurs.  To assist with its outreach programs, WREA established a foundation in 1996.